Watch These Great Tips on How to Pose People Who Are Not Models (VIDEO)

Not every portrait photographer has access to a professional model who knows how to "strike a pose," which makes your job a bit easier. In fact, many photographers who are just starting out use friends and family and their amateur posing techniques can be a bit awkward, to say the least.

Many photographers themselves don't know how to properly pose models, which makes the below video from Anita Sadowska such a fun and educational tutorial. In the clip, Sadowska uses another professional photographer, Irene Rudnyk, as her subject and the two demonstrate how to pose non-models.

"Irene here is very beautiful but she's a photographer, she's not a professional model," Sadowska says. "And she is also a bit shorter than the average human so we're just going to show you some tips on how to elongate the body and so on."

In the video, which was shot on location in Bali, Sadowska directs Rudnyk through a series of poses that you can use the next time you are working with an amateur or first-time model. If you want more advice on how to pose people for portraits, check out these three stories and videos:

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