Watch These 9 Fun Female Model Poses in 90 Seconds (VIDEO)

Think you’ve run out of ideas for posing models for your portrait photography and fashion shoots? Think again. Those helpful folks at Mango Street have a new video where they show you “9 Model Poses in 90 Seconds.”

As usual, they have a fun time with this simple but helpful tutorial, using 80s-themed music and visuals to present the nine poses, which are called, as follows:

#1 The Dance, Dance

#2 The Sit N’ Stretch

#3 The Salute Your Shorts

#4 The Framer

#5 The Countess

#6 The Lean with It

#7 The Shake It Off

#8 The Achy Shoulder

#9 The Stepper

Then, after you watch Mango Street’s posing video below, check out an earlier tutorial of theirs where they give you “9 Eye-Catching Portrait Photography Location Ideas in Just 90 Seconds.” Watch more of Mango’s juicy videos on their YouTube channel (and don’t forget to subscribe!)

Via ISO 1200