Watch People “Play” with the Sun & Moon in Dennis Stever’s Wonderfully Radiant Images

Here’s a cool photography trick used to maximum effect. Dennis Stever is a Dubai-based photographer who is shooting an ongoing series where he positions his subjects so that it appears they are playing with the sun and the moon in their hands.

Stever shoots the images in the Al Qudra desert near Dubai and waits for just the right time and position of the sun/moon while forcing the perspective of the image to create the whimsical effect. Check out seven of our favorites shots above and below and hit up his Instagram page to see more of his work.

Speaking of the moon, here's an awesome how-to video with tips on how to capture great images of that celestial body.

Via Twisted Sifter


It's always important to keep things in perspective.

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In case you missed the first one, here's catching the moon

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