Want to Photograph a Blonde but Your Model has Brown Hair? Just “Fix” It in Photoshop (VIDEO)

Let’s say you’re photographing a brunette and you’d like to see what she (or he) looks like with blonde, black or red hair. After watching this detailed Photoshop tutorial you’ll be able to change brown hair to any color you want.

The video below comes to us from Photoshop wizard Nathaniel Dodson who is an expert at making seemingly complex image-editing tasks easy to accomplish. In the comprehensive tutorial below, Dodson walks you through the process of selecting the hair and refining the mask. Then he demonstrates how to change the color to gray, black, red, and blonde.

You can find more of Dodson‘s videos on his YouTube channel. And if you missed yesterday’s tutorial on the best way to quickly color correct your photos, be sure to take a look.

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