This Video Proves Why the Key to Great Portraits Is All in the Eyes

Here’s another simple yet effective photography tips video from Light Club. In the short 2.5-minute clip, the work of some of the world’s top photographers is used to show that the key to create a powerful portrait is how you capture the eyes.

Photos featured in the video are from many portrait masters including Platon, Albert Watson, Philippe Halsman, Martin Schoeller, Nadav Kander and many others. Some of the topics addressed include the use of catchlights (Leonard Da Vinci was actually an early pioneer) and how natural and artificial lighting (window, strobe and softbox) produce different effects to express different emotions.

On the other hand, ringlights create a “supernatural vibe,” according to Light Club, while catchlights in the lower half of an eye “can give off a creepy vibe.” Which is fine, if that’s what you’re going for. The video also shows you how to create simulated catchlights in eyes using dodge and burn techniques in Photoshop.

As you can tell, there’s a lot covered in the video in a brief amount of time but it’s explained clearly and effectively, which is why we like Light Club’s YouTube channel. You should also check out this simple photo tip of theirs, showing why the middle line in an image is as important to good composition as the Rule of Thirds

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