Use This VANISHING POINT Trick for Dynamic Photos (VIDEO)

The best images immediately grab a viewer’s attention and direct their eyes through a scene. In the tutorial below you’ll learn a simple compositional trick for creating photographs with maximum impact

This approach to framing a shot can be used for all forms of outdoor photography, and uses converging lines in a specific way to direct a viewer’s attention to the subject. It’s a powerful framing method for utilizing perspective, and it’s not difficult to do.

Photographer Matt Anderson is the Director of Viewfinder Mastery—a popular online meeting place for photographers to share images and learn from expert instructors. In this episode Anderson demonstrates how to compose the best possible shot by employing the “crucial” concept of vanishing point.

Anderson explains the method like this: “The idea with vanishing is that you play around with lines that are actually parallel in reality, but which converge from your camera’s perspective as they head out into the distance. It’s a really powerful technique, especially for landscape photography.

In this behind-the-scenes tutorial you’ll watch Anderson explore several locations in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland on bicycle. He uses striking images to clearly illustrate his advice that you can begin using today.

Anderson explains several reasons why vanishing point is his “go-to method for adding a strong scene of depth into a two-dimensional image.” The impact results from the fact that elements appear to diminish is size as they get further from the camera. This helps tell a story and create a heightened sense of interest.

This technique may be one of the easiest ways to turn a scene into something really dramatic, so pay close attention and give it a try.

After watching the video head over to the Viewfinder Mastery YouTube channel for more great advice.

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