Use Photoshop to Create Simple Double Exposures with a Free Plugin from Google’s Nik Collection (VIDEO)

Double-exposure images can be a lot of fun, and there are ways to create these effects in camera or by using Photoshop to combine two or more photographs. In the tutorial below, you’ll learn how to use a plugin from Google’s free Nik Collection to create double exposures with ease.

The Nik Collection offers a wide array of plugins for interesting effects, and while Goggle recently announced they would no longer be updating this powerful package it’s still worth grabbing the free download. In the video below from K1 Production you’ll learn how to put Nik’s Double Exposure plugin to work.

This tutorial walks you through the process that begins by knocking out the background of your first image, creating a layer mask, and darkening the shadows while opening up the highlights.

Once you have the first image where you want it, it’s a simple matter to import a background image and use the Nik Double Exposure plugin to put it all together. You can find more helpful videos on the K1 Production YouTube channel. And be sure to look at another K1 tutorial we shared last week with a free download of 10 Instagram effects that don’t degrade image quality.

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