Try These 4 EASY Lightroom Tips to Make Your Portraits Look Stunning

Sometimes a few finishing touches in Lightroom are all you need to transform your portraits from good to stunning. In the below video, Tajreen&Co show you four easy Lightroom tips and techniques to help you do just that.

"Our first editing tutorial covers four intermediate Lightroom techniques that I use every day in my portrait and wedding photography," Tajreen says. "In this video, you'll learn the tips themselves and see them applied to actual portraits I've shot. Like with any editing technique, these are general practices I follow, and you'll want to experiment with the settings for yourself to see what works best for your photos."

Here are her "four Lightroom techniques for stunning portraits" explained in the tutorial at the bottom of this post.

Tip 1: Refine the Details

Tip 2: Add Glow (with Highlights)

Tip 3: Dial in Skintones

Tip 4: Smoothing Skin

So, check the short, snappy and clear tutorial below and then go visit Tajreen&Co's YouTube channel for more awesome photography videos.