The Trump-Kim Handshake Video Shows Mirrorless Cameras Haven’t Caught on With Photojournalists

One of the many things that struck us about the video of the historic handshake yesterday between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean lead Kim Jong Un was how noisy it was. Watch the clip below from CNN International and you’ll hear a familiar sound.

No, that’s not the wind rustling through the bushes behind Trump and Kim, it’s the clap-clap of the mirrors in DSLR cameras moving out of the way to capture bursts of photos of this newsworthy moment.

As much as the latest mirrorless cameras with their virtually silent shutters have made inroads in the general photography world, “old school” DSLRs still seem to reign with photojournalists. At least for a little while more, as the mirror-slap-happy video below shows.

If you want to hear what the future of photojournalism might sound like, watch this video of the 24MP, full frame Sony A9 mirrorless camera shooting 20 frames per second image bursts in near complete silence. You can read our review of the Sony A9 here.

Note: Make sure you turn the sound on in the lower right hand corner of the video player to hear the cameras.