The Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Shoot Stunning Portrait Photos

What makes a great portrait versus a boring snapshot? Sometimes you need to have the eye of a pro to take your portraits to the next level.

Professional photographer Irene Rudnyk is someone who certainly has that eye, but she also has experience. Consequently, Rudnyk has learned a variety of clever tips and tricks over the years and in the below video she shares her ten favorites for shooting stunning portraits.

"I have learned these tips over the past 10+ years of doing photography and these really helped me out so I'm hoping that they'll help you out as well," she says. "I'm always learning though, always discovering something new, so please share your favorite tips in the comments."

Here are Rudnyk's top 10 favorite portrait photography tips and tricks:

Tip #1: Use Props!

Tip #2: Use Native Raw Processor

Tip #3: Use a Step Ladder

Tip #4: Change the Crop in Camera

Tip #5: Use an Editing Tablet

Tip #6: Start Taking Self-Portraits

Tip #7: Go Thrifting

Tip #8: Rotate the Image

Tip #9: Shoot Film

Tip #10: Best and Worst Shot

Watch her portrait photography tutorial below and then hop on over to her channel to check out all of her tips and tricks including this video with ten Photoshop hacks that will help make your portraits shine.