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Performance And Image Quality Ratings
Criteria Canon
PowerShot Pro 1
Konica Minolta
Coolpix 8700
and speed

Exceptionally versatile and fast

Extremely versatile; very fast; valuable Anti-Shake (stabilizer), mechanical zoom and superb tracking focus Very versatile and fast Very versatile; a bit slow in recording and playback Very versatile and fast mechanical
zoom a plus
Ease and convenience of use

Close to excellent; many analog controls

Excellent; many analog control and manual zoom Somewhat complex; needs mode selector dial Very good + Very good +; manual zoom is excellent: large and heavy
Imaging, recording and play back speed Very fast Very fast Very fast Fast, slower in high res capture Very fast
Electronic viewfinder quality

Very good; in low light

Superb; very good in low light Good overall; acceptable in very in low or very bright light Good; quite good in low light Very good; good in low light
Lens (35mm equivalent) Very sharp 28-200mm f/2.4-3.6; occasional vignetting Very sharp 28-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Very sharp 35-280mm f/2.8-4.2; occasional vignetting Very sharp 28-140mm f/2.4-3.5 Very sharp and "fast" 28-200mm f/2-2.8; purple fringing in backlighting
Image sharpness High High + Very High + High Very High +
Auto exposure Slight overexposure of light tones Underexposes light tones slightly Overexposes light tones slightly in daylight and underexposes slightly in low light Underexposes light tones slightly Underexposes light tones slightly
Color reproduction Very good; accurate and pleasing; rich reds Very good; slightly warm Superb; high saturation accentuated by high contrast Very good; clean, accurate colors Excellent; highly saturated but accurate
Low ISO slight quality Superb Superb Superb, except in contrasty scenes Superb; no noise at ISO 100 Close to superb; noise at ISO 100
ISO 400 quality Prominent (quite sharp) noise pattern Fairly prominent noise but slightly soft Prominent, sharp noise pattern Very smooth and soft pattern; least visible noise Prominent noise with very sharp coarse pattern