These Are Serge Ramelli’s Top 10 Best Photography Tips Ever (VIDEO)

Serge Ramelli is a photographer we follow and feature quite often on We love Ramelli’s photography how-to videos and Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials because they are clear, easy to understand and extremely helpful.

Ramelli’s now made learning even easier by putting his 10 best photography tips into one video, which we have embedded below. While Ramelli typically narrates his videos, in this case he simply lists the tips and explains them with a series of his stunning photos.

Here are his “10 best tips ever on photography." (And make sure you stick around past the end of this 3-minute video where he shares some free Lightroom presets you can download.)

#1 Shoot at the right time

#2 Play with long exposures

#3 Use your foreground, middle ground and background

#4 Show vast spaces and panoramas

#5 Find unique angles

#6 Use the rule of thirds

#7 Use leading lines

# 8 Use natural frames

#9 Bad colors = Go Black & White

#10 Have a clear message

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