These Are the Best Camera Settings for Street Photography (VIDEO)

What are the best camera settings for street photography? As usual, there are lots of opinions out there on how to set your gear to capture candid street photos.

In the below video, street photographer Frederik Trovatten offers his ideal camera settings for when he hits the streets. How did he determine what's best? By looking at other street photographers' images.

"When I first bought my camera a few years ago, I went to Flickr and scrolled through photos that I liked and then tried to guess the camera settings they used and then afterwards checked if I was correct or not. And I think that's a good exercise for you to get better at understanding what shutter speed, aperture and ISO does," Trovatten says. "When you walk around doing your street photography, you don't have time to fiddle around with your camera settings all the time. You want to set it and forget and today I'm going to show you my best settings for street photography."

Watch the video as Trovatten helps you determine what are the best street photography settings for you, and then go hit up his YouTube channel for more helpful photo how-tos.

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