These Are the Beautiful Winning Images in the "Humans in Nature" Photo Challenge

Shutterbug recently teamed up with GuruShots for a unique photo challenge titled "Humans in Nature." The challenge asked photographers to explore the complex relationship between humans and nature in their work.

Entries to the challenge included images of people conquering mountains, exploring deserts, and taking to the seas to showcase all the glories of what Mother Nature has to offer to us humans. It was a massive contest with thousadns of entries, but GuruShots narrowed down the winners based on millions of votes throughout the contest and we have included them in this story.

Below you will see the five winning photos in the Humans in Nature challenge. And below those shots are a gallery of all the runners-up in this competition.

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Usman Cheema, United States - Top Photographer

Kristan Melik, United Kingdom - Top Photo

Vladimir Saraliev, Bulgaria - Guru's Top Pick

Tee Bô 67, France

Steve Malone, United States

Katalin Galgóczy, Hungary