These Are the 5 Biggest Mistakes Photographers Make in Lightroom

Shooting photos and editing them in Lightroom go hand-in-hand these days. But, as the saying goes, familiarity can breed contempt. It can also breed mistakes. Constant mistakes.

In the case of Lightroom, educator Serge Ramelli sees photographers making the same mistakes over and again when editing their images in this popular piece of Adobe software. In the below video, he has some advice on how to break you out of your rut by sharing what he thinks are "The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Editing in Lightroom."

"Being able to avoid these five mistakes can really help you as a photographer," Ramelli says. "To get more exposure on social media, to get more exposure in the press, to be able to sell your prints: it is vital that you stay until the end of this video."

Here are the five mistakes that Ramelli explains in the video and how to fix them:

1. Too much Clarity, Contrast and Texture

2. Too obvious Dodge and Burn

3. Colors from another planet

4. Not using the standard crops, or horizon is not straight

5. Oversaturated photo

Check it out and then go visit Ramelli's YouTube channel for more Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials.