Talking Pictures
Photography: The Universal Language

While wandering through the museum in the Mexican city of Queretaro, I spotted a group of children taking a break from their art class to eat lunch. I began following them with the intention of taking a few candid photographs when one of the girls noticed my camera. Instantly and spontaneously, the children formed this composition, assuming more natural poses and expressions than could have ever been staged--all I had to do was maintain the presence to trip the shutter. They spoke no English, and I little Spanish, but the medium of photography was all the communication needed that day.
--Dan Henderson
Holland, MI

Technical Info: Canon EOS 3, Tamron 28-300mm lens, Kodak Tri-X developed in Ilford ID-11, printed on Ilford Multigrade IV FB paper.
© 2004, Dan Henderson, All Rights Reserved

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