Take Sunset Photography to the Next Level with These Pro Tips for Shooting into the Light (VIDEO)

Adam Karnacz is a British pro known for his stunning nature and landscape photography. In this four-minute tutorial, he explains how to overcome two key challenges when shooting directly into the sun.

One difficulty with this type of photography is that the sun and surrounding sky is typically far brighter than the foreground in a scene. Karnacz demonstrates two ways to solve this dilemma, the first being the use of a graduated neutral density (ND) filter to achieve a balanced exposure across the entire frame.

Another technique for dealing with uneven illumination in sunset photographs is to bracket several exposures and merge them during the editing process. That way, you’ll end up with a single image that has perfectly exposed highlights, midtones and shadows.

Challenge number two when shooting into the sun is avoiding ugly lens flare that can really make a mess of a photograph. Here, Karnacz provides both an in-camera technique and an editing method for resolving this common problem. He also offers a safety warning that’s important to observe, whenever shooting photos with the sun in the frame.

There are more helpful tips on Karnacz’ YouTube channel. And be sure to watch an earlier video of his, explaining the camera settings he uses for landscape photography.