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Be aware of highlights on the body of the car you're photographing. Experiment with reflections, such as shooting a picture of a car reflected in the hubcap of another automobile, or someone's face in a rear-view mirror.

Reader photo by Shirley A. Irwin, Clermont, GA

Showing motion can add interest to your car photography. If you're shooting auto races, for example, use your camera's sports mode to help freeze action. If you want to emphasize motion, set your camera on the landscape mode (to utilize a slow shutter speed), and "pan" your camera while turning your body in the direction of a moving subject and clicking the shutter. If it's done correctly, you'll get a relatively sharp subject with a blurred background. This method takes a lot of practice, but shoot lots of pictures and you're bound to come away with a few good results.

Reader photo by Victoria Borjesson, Oxnard, CA

And while we're on the subject of speed, you might want to experiment with photographing light streaks produced by car taillights in the evening. You'll need a compact camera that allows you to shoot longer than normal exposures, and a tripod or another type of camera support. You can choose to record the continuous flow of traffic or a single, colorfully lit vehicle. It's best to choose a vantage point from which to shoot where you'll capture taillights, since a long exposure of white headlights can wash out the picture.

With enough practice photographing cars, you can come away shooting like a pro.

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