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The literature from Horizon Backgrounds shows a diverse array of backgrounds. There are several different sizes of muslin up to extra-large 30x39 ft with standard, scenic, and fine art scenic patterns. They also show canvas backgrounds in sizes from 5x6 ft up to 12x20 ft. An interesting group of specialty fabrics include soft sheer, liquid lamé, silky solid, sheer tent, and all-over lace. There are velvet, marabou stole and marabou shawl, and lamé tube top drapes for senior and glamour poses plus wings, wreaths, halos, and accessories for children's portraits. For infant posing they have fur blankets and wooly lamb's faux fur.
J and K Group, Inc. offers white and black muslin and hand-dyed muslin backgrounds. They also show posing stools and tables and a variety of light stands, plus a few lighting kits.

The catalog from L & B Albums Frames Backgrounds Plus, Inc. displays dozens of hand-painted canvas backgrounds with scenics, patterns, Old Masters, and many subjects suitable for use with adults, teens, children, and infants. There are computer-printed scenes to depict most anything imaginable. They also offer a selection of background stands, lights, and diffusion equipment.

Among the offerings from Photek is a People Popper background system that sets up in seconds anywhere, is lightweight, and stores in a bag. It's made of dyed nylon velour fabric, opens to 6x7 ft, and has an Old Masters design on one side and one of 11 colors on the other. A support stand is included for $189. The Neat Seat is a folding portable seat that measures 14x22" and the height adjusts from 13-18.5"; it sells for $65. The Softlighter II is an umbrella that is composed of a metallic back and diffused cloth front, producing a bright but diffuse illumination. Their background support for seamless paper or background material up to 11 ft wide includes two heavy-duty stands that go up to 10.5 ft high and sells for $169. Backgrounds in a Bag is offered in a variety of colors of nylon-blended velour. The 6x7-foot size weighs 4 lbs and the 8x12-foot size weighs just 6 lbs. Prices start at $119.

Photo Tech Inc. manufactures Rolleasy crank-operated, geared roller systems that hold up to seven rolls and also has powered rollers for up to four backgrounds. They have unique, one-of-a-kind hand-painted seamless paper backgrounds. Muslins are available in wash khaki and crush-dye patterns in many colors. For video applications they have chroma key fabric backgrounds.

The Pierce Company has been a supplier of photo studio accessories for nearly 75 years. Among the many items in their extensive catalog are backgrounds of all types, including canvas, muslin in many patterns and colors, plus seamless paper in various sizes and colors. Background support systems include single and multiple pole stands, cranked rollers, and a SkyTrack rail, plus a broad array of different sizes and types of props, posing aids, stools, chairs, and benches. Various styles and colors of drapes and feather boas are available. Also shown are individual lights plus light kits, umbrellas, and softboxes.

The large 136-page Porter's Camera Store catalog contains many pages of moderate-priced studio accessories, including roll paper backgrounds in many sizes and colors, canvas for painting your own background, colored muslin, sheer gossamer fabric, hand-painted muslin backgrounds, reversible gold/silver metallics, small graduated color PVC material backgrounds, and several background support systems and umbrellas.

The large booklet from Savage Universal Corporation lists a broad group of roll paper backgrounds in dozens of colors ranging in size from 26"x12 yards up to 107"x50 yards. There are individual and multiple roll Savage brand background stands, tripods, light stands, posing tables, and stools. A variety of art paper, mattes and matte boards, and frames are illustrated. Archival film storage systems, presentation boards for artwork and precut transparency matte boards plus several types of negative preservers are offered. If you seek any paper-based photographic product, it appears this firm offers it.

Background Variety

Get creative with Steve Kaeser's full-length Hot Spot Collections.

Signature Backgrounds has a wide collection of muslin backgrounds, including vignetted Old Masters, scenics, and two-sided models. Also shown are umbrellas, tripods, and related studio accessories.

The backgrounds illustrated in the small Sky High Backgrounds catalog are bright and distinctive. They offer several sizes of muslin and gauze in a multitude of single colors; their multicolored and spiral-colored patterns are exceptionally bold and memorable.

The brochure from Steve Kaeser Professional Backgrounds & Accessories illustrates a variety of solid color muslin plus a group of unique design-painted backgrounds in Old Masters traditions. Sizes offered range from 6x9 ft up to 18x21 ft and they can sew loops on the top (for suspension) or hem the bottom of some sizes. The styles include an Impressionist series, classic, classic hot spot, scenic, mottled, and sand washed. They also list lighting kits, umbrellas, softboxes, and background supports.

The colorful catalog from Studio Dynamics shows a varied and extensive line of backgrounds. There are canvas and muslin backgrounds, textured canvas styles on muslin, and two-in-one muslins. Old Masters scenics, classic series, Europa collection, designer soft series, impressions series, single-color series, flexi drops, and two-in-one are some of the different categories illustrated. Many pages are devoted to the multitude of patterns and designs available in canvas backgrounds.

Superior Specialties, Inc. is known for their Superior brand of seamless paper in rolls 107"x36 ft in a broad selection of different colors; there are five colors in extra wide 140" by either 50 or 100 ft. They also list a few colors in 28x44" sheets and chroma key compatible rolls. Seamless paper with patterns such as brick, fieldstone, alabaster, granite print, star pattern, and swirl print are also shown, as well as 10 colors of Varitone graduated paper and/or vinyl backgrounds that blend from white to a solid color. There are solid colors of Tuf-Flock/Velour in rolls. In addition, their catalog illustrates a wide group of muslins in many colors and patterns. Twistflex is a group of lightweight collapsible 6x7-foot backgrounds that fold down to about 1/4 size for storage or carrying.