Speed Up Lightroom with These Tips & Tricks for Organizing Your Photographs (VIDEO)

Most photographers would rather be out shooting than sitting behind a computer editing their work. And one way get back behind the camera as quickly as possible, is to speed up your processing workflow with a more efficient system of organizing your images.

We often turn to British landscape photographer Nigel Danson for his helpful tips and tricks on shooting better photographs in the great outdoors. This tutorial, however, is all about streamlining your Lightroom workflow by using a more efficient method of organizing images.

Danson shares the tips and tricks he’s developed over the years, to organize images in a methodical, and timesaving manner. He also offers a few speedy editing tips that will accelerate processing time even further.

Danson walks you through his complete workflow, beginning with removing a memory card from the camera, uploading images to a computer, and importing the photos into Lightroom. One of the goals of his organizational approach is to be able to locate a file almost immediately— even if it was shot years ago.

The method Danson uses involves sorting images within nesting folders on an external hard drive, by year and quarter. He also demonstrates his preferred approach to naming files and creating previews, in a way that makes culling the shots fast and efficient.

There’s a lot more great advice in the video, so take a look and get organized. You can find more helpful tips on Danson’s YouTube channel, and be sure to watch the earlier tutorial we posted, explaining how to take awesome landscape photos in awful weather.