Landscape Tutorial: Learn to Take Awesome Photos in Awful Weather with British Pro Nigel Danson (VIDEO)

There’s an old saying among landscape photographers that if you always stash your gear when the weather turns bad, you will likely miss out on some spectacular photo opportunities. In the video below, you’ll follow British landscape photographer Nigel Danson as he treks through England’s Peak District amidst rain, gloomy light, and high winds, to capture some awesome images.

While battling the elements, Danson provides several great tips for making stunning images under less than ideal conditions—many of which will serve you well while out shooting this winter when the weather doesn’t cooperate. The main ingredients to this type of photography are patience and an ability to accomplish what Danson calls “mastering the light.”

As you follow Danson on his excursion, you’ll pick up advice on composition, using high-contrast scenes to create dramatic silhouettes, and handling ever-changing lighting conditions. You’ll also see why perseverance and the ability to work fast are critical as you wait for fleeting moments of great light to occur.

You can find more great shooting advice on Danson’s YouTube channel, as well as in another tutorial of his we shared recently with seven tips for creative landscape photography.