The SMART Way to Invest in Photography for INSTANT Results (VIDEO)

Let’s face it: Most of us are passionate about gear, and we regularly update our equipment. The medical term for this affliction is Gear Acquisition Syndrome—commonly known as G.A.S.

The topic of today’s video isn’t a cure for this malady. Instead, the goal is to ease your pain by helping you invest in photography in ways that will immediately improve your images without breaking the bank.

Put another way, by our friends at The Photographic Eye, “Do you really want to spend thousands of dollars on a new lens or camera that won’t actually improve your photos?” So unless you have cash to burn, pay attention to the following advice from an accomplished pro.

British photographer Alex Kilbee makes no apologies for being frugal, and he has a few unexpected tips for getting the “best bang for your buck”—with a specific emphasis on taking your photography to the next level.

You may be surprised by Kilbee’s list of “smart” investments, the first of which is to buy a few photo books. And he’s not talking about big, glossy (and expensive) coffee table books, but rather affordable instructional volumes dedicated to expanding your skills.

If you’re getting the idea that none of Kilbee’s investment suggestions have anything to do with new equipment, well, you’re right. But he has a bunch of other ideas for spending your hard-earned cash is ways that will quickly make you a better photographer. So give it a shot.

You can find more interesting tips and tricks by visiting Kilbee’s YouTube channel, so take a look and subscribe.

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