Shutterbug Photo of the Day: “Burning” by Jackie Tran

Our Shutterbug Photo of the Day by Jackie Tran is a stunning tour de force. It features a little bit of everything in an outdoor photo: a beautiful sky, flowing waterfall, gorgeous landscape, and great light.

You can see more of Tran’s work at his website.

See a larger version of the photo in the Shutterbug Photo of the Day gallery here. (And trust us, you’re going to want to see a larger version.)

If you want to enter Shutterbug Photo of the Day, post an image in the Shutterbug Photo of the Day Gallery and include your real name and some background on the image (how and where it was shot; the story behind the image; gear and settings used etc.) in the description field to qualify.

We will select one Shutterbug Photo of the Day image every month to run as a full-page feature in the magazine.

Qatari Architect's picture

Really Burnt, great job