Shoot Striking Boudoir Photos with Just One Light (VIDEO)

You know the expression, "keep it simple"? Or how about this one: "less is more?" Those are words to live by for many things in life including boudoir photography, believe it or not.

No, you don't need a ton of gear, an elaborate studio and complicated lighting set-ups to shoot gorgeous boudoir photos. In the below video, professional photographer Mark Cleghorn of The Photographer Academy demonstrates how to capture dynamic boudoir photography with just one light.

"Using the very end of a background roll, Mark uses the seamless white paper to capture some amazing images with deep dark shadows, a real dynamic light," The Photographer Academy says.

"All shots from this shoot are captured with Hard Light, with only Reflector Dishes being used to control and shape the light. This film as a whole is a lighting tutorial, utilizing the light to shape and bring an element of dynamic to your photography."

The easy lighting technique that Cleghorn explains below is ideal if you're interested in capturing dramatic and moody black-and-white boudoir photos.

"I’m a massive fan of deep dark shadows," Cleghorn explains. "And when we work in our confidential boudoir style, 50 shades of gray, that kind of edgy look, one light really comes into its own. I really want to run through what I do in my normal portrait techniques, show you the dynamic of where the light has got to be positioned for the different kind of shots."

Check out his boudoir tutorial below and if you're looking for more boudoir photography help, click this link to see our extensive library of boudoir how-tos, tips, and tutorials to help you become a better photographer.