Shoot SHARP Photos EVERY Time with ANY Lens (VIDEO)

Image sharpness is an interesting topic with regard to all styles of photography: On the one hand nobody wants soft photos, but at the same time you can really mess up a nice shot by going overboard during the editing process.

Put another way, the goal is to achieve sharp images that no one can describe as “crispy.” It the tutorial below, one of our favorite outdoor photographers explains how to do things right—with the seven steps he uses to “capture perfectly sharp images every time with any lens.”

Toma Bonciu is an intrepid outdoor photographer with an impressive portfolio of landscape, travel, and adventure imagery. He presents his time-proven tips in no particular order and makes this bold promise: “I can guarantee you 110% if you do this your photos will always be clear and sharp.” Sound good?

Tip #1 is something we’ve stressed over and over again, but it bears repeating: If you want sharp photos, mount your camera on a sturdy tripod whenever possible. Some photographers ignore this “rule”—particularly when they want to lighten their load or when long telephoto lenses aren’t being used.

Bonciu explains why being lazy in this regard may result in disappointing shots—regardless of conditions—and he has some great advice for making the most of this very important accessory. He also explains why it’s essential to deactivate image stabilization when using any form of camera support.

If you absolutely insist on shooting handheld, be sure to pay attention to Bonciu’s third tip. Here he reveals the formula he uses to determine his minimum shutter speed depending upon the focal length of his lens. His approach is rather unique in that it changes depending upon whether he’s shooting with a full-frame or crop sensor camera.

Bonciu’s other tips are equally valuable, and may differ from what you’ve heard before. But it’s a pretty sure bet that you’ll be pleased with the images you shoot by following his pro tips.

There’s much more to learn about shooting in the great outdoors on Bonciu’s instructional YouTube channel. So take a close look and put his experience to good use.

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