Sergio Montufar Provides a Shoutout to Valentines Day with His Romantic Images of Starry Skies

Astrophotographer and professional astronomer Sergio Montufar makes some gorgeous images of starlit skies. And we thought the romantic image you see above, of Montufar proposing to his girlfriend beneath the Milky Way, would be a fitting shoutout to all our fans on Valentines Day.

Montufar, whose full name is Sergio Emilio Montufar Cordoner, works as both an astronomer and official astrophotographer at La Plata Astronomical Observatory in Argentina, and he made his picture-perfect wedding proposal last September in Cabo Raso.

“By contemplating the Universe, says Montufar, “I realize how lucky we are to have this little short moment of life as citizens of Earth, more fortunate still, we humans are the ones who evolved consciousness to understand where we are and what surround us.”

For obvious reasons, Montufar calls himself a “light pollution hater,” explaining that light pollution is not only the bane of nighttime photographers, but “is the cause of many environment and health problems to the inhabitants of the Earth and Earth itself.”

While Montufur was born in Guatemala and now lives in Argentina, he says he considers himself “a citizen of the world.” In addition to photography and astronomy, his passions include literature, music, poetry, philosophy, and simply watching a beautiful sunset.

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