Quick Tip: How to Use Your Camera’s Live View Mode to Get the Correct Exposure Every Time

Here’s a simple trick that will help you get the right exposure in your photos without all the unnecessary stress. According to photographer Pierre T. Lambert who shares the quick tip in the short video below, the technique will speed up your shooting process because you’ll be able to get great looking photos without frustrating trial and error.

While most photographers know that today’s digital cameras have a “live view” mode that lets you see a live feed of the scene you’re about to shoot on the rear screen, some might not know that it allows you to see how your camera adjustments change the exposure in real time. So, for instance, if you’re shooting in manual mode, you can see if the image is bright enough (but not too bright) when you tweak aperture, shutter speed or ISO, before you capture the photo.

If this all seems elementary to you, then the below video might not be for you. Lambert, however, was surprised by how many photographers don't know about this camera feature, which can save massive amounts of time during a shoot.

If you’re one of those photographers, check out his video below where he explains everything. You should also check out his YouTube channel where there are many more helpful photography videos.