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Watertight Gear Cases

Watertight Gear Cases
Seahorse cases provide watertight protection for all sorts of gear, with their newest model being the SE 710 Hurricane Series computer case. The case comes with a fitted, shock absorbing bottom, a lid organizer to hold files and other matter, and a detachable padded shoulder strap, all with keyed locking latches. A hidden protected automatic purge system allows pressure equalization to be done without any fear of damage to the interior and allows the case to be opened easily even when pressurized. The SE 710CC can accept any laptop computer with up to a 16.1" screen. All Seahorse cases come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee and are watertight, airtight, dustproof, and are known for their short, just the case for the traveling photographer who relies on his or her laptop for download, presentations, and image editing on the road. Contact: Seahorse Watertight Equipment Cases, 619 Commercial Ave., Covina, CA 91723; (626) 339-6673; fax: (626) 331-8584;

Cambo Ultima 35: Digital Perspective Control
If you wanted perspective control shooting for architectural, still life, or landscape work with digital in the past the best hope was using a digital back on a 4x5 or similar setup that allowed you swing and tilt control. Now, with the Cambo Ultima 35 and a group of growing digital SLRs, the choice can be expanded to use a digital SLR as both a field camera and in the studio with all the capability that one could desire. As of this writing the setup can be used with the Canon EOS-1Ds or the Kodak DCS Pro 14n, but we're assured adapters will be coming for more, including non-"full frame" digital SLRs such as the Canon EOS 10D, and the Nikon D100 and D1X, etc.

Here's how it works: The SLR body acts as the capture device, without lens. The Ultima 35 functions as the optical system, with all the swings, tilts, lateral and vertical shifts, and critical focusing that can be applied to perspective control and depth of field. The lens itself sits on the front of the setup. Cambo recommends the Schneider Digitar series of lenses, those delivering the resolution that matches the more precise needs of digital sensors. In addition, Hasselblad lenses will work when mounted on a special adapter plate and any regular large format lens longer than 90mm in focal length will also do the job.

No shutter is necessary on the lenses as all metering and exposure functions are controlled from the D-SLR. And although there is a bellows between the camera mount and lens plate there's no need to figure out bellows extension exposure compensation as the metering is done right at the sensor.

Accessories currently slated for delivery include a compendium shade, flat and recessed lensboards, a Hasselblad adapter and a vertical adapter for both the Canon EOS-1Ds and the Kodak DCS Pro 14n. As mentioned, mounts for the non-full frame Nikon D1X and D100 and the Fuji S2 Pro are also being designed. In addition, the Ultima 35 is also compatible with Cambo's general accessory system and can be upgraded or retrofitted to other applications. Price is $3999, but bundled kits that include the Kodak DCS Pro 14n ($8298)