This Pro Reveals His 5 Favorite Camera "Hacks" in Just 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

We like to keep things simple after hectic holiday weekends; so today we’re bringing you three quick “five tips“ tutorials that will improve your photography without a huge learning curve. In this first video, you’ll pick up one pro’s five favorite camera hacks in just two minutes.

In case you don't get the joke immediately, this "tutorial" was created for April Fools Day and is meant to be humorous.

Canadian photographer Chris Niccolls, of The CameraStoreTV, has made beautiful photographs all over the world. Niccolls likes to keep things simple whenever possible, and he says the five tips in the video below are, in part, responsible for his success.

Trick number one in Niccolls’ handful of hacks is to experiment with different camera angles when photographing a scene. He says that, under most circumstances, “a downward angle is usually the strongest.”

Niccolls also explains why a slow, thoughtful style of shooting often works best, while for other situations a rapid-fire approach may be called for. And when the creative juices stop flowing, he recommends that you “go retro” and have some fun.

And remember, it’s not necessary to take an axe, sword, or saw to your camera, as Niccolls does in this video—those just the metaphors he’s chosen to illustrate his “hacks.” You can find more interesting videos on TheCameraStoreTV YouTube channel, and in an earlier humorous piece we posted in which Niccolls offers his take on the best and worst ways to carry camera gear.