Pro Photographers Say Why They Use .photography Domain Extension To Drive Business Success

Across the country and around the world, professional photographers are showing their true colors and announcing their status by using the .photography top level domain extension. You can join them. But first, let them tell you in their own words how .photography boldly announces what they do, boosts SEO and helps them solidify their brand.

If you’re a photographer and believe in the brand you are building, join the thousands of savvy pros who use .photography to create an indelible impression on potential clients, to tell the world exactly what they do and to attract more visits to their websites.

We all agree that SEO is a crucially important component of ongoing success, and .photography delivers SEO in its unmistakable way. That’s because .photography is SEO optimized to help you and your business get discovered online. A 301 redirect will allow you to retain all of your SEO equity while upgrading your domain to .photography.

But these photographers also share the many other ways the .photography domain extension is good for business.

Tells the world what we do, unambiguously
To begin, three established pros explain how .photography adds instant identification and unmistakable meaning to their website address.

Dani Brown
“When my photography business became a full-time career I knew I needed a better domain name. I'd heard of descriptive domains at a seminar and purchased on GoDaddy. My .photography domain helps me build my business brand and improves my SEO.”

Maheder Haileselassie
“I believe my domain helps my SEO. The fact that my domain name explains exactly what I do makes my branding look so unique, polished and cool for my clients.”

“Our domain name perfectly describes what we do, which is capturing life in Hawai'i. Hawaii Life is a popular search term, and having .photography sets us apart and helps people find us easier when doing specific searches for their photography needs.”

Makes our website more relevant
Paul Edmundson
“Recently I rebranded my website using SquareSpace and their amazing domain search tool suggested We love it because it's a visual mark that immediately says what we do and where we do it. We believe people searching for our services are more likely to click, and we prominently place it in our online ads.”

.photography is easy to remember and impossible to forget
Sol Basconcillo
“Honestly, I found randomly and it's one of the best things that has happened for my business. It's clear and concise. I often have quick conversations with people and share my URL. When I say people usually say ‘Wow, that's it?! It's so easy to remember.’ I'm really glad I chose it.”

Gives our site immediate credibility
Ken Sandberg
“The .photography domain matched my company name and gave me a shorter URL, so it was an easy choice for me. Not to mention, my email address looks much more professional than”

Separates us from the pack
Natalie Field
“When I discovered I could have I just knew I had to have it for our rebranded website. People always comment on how apt it is to have a domain that specifies my services. My social media channels use the same format, so I have a consistent brand for my entire online presence. I think it has assisted with SEO. At the very least, when people see the domain name there is no ambiguity on what they will find when they click on the link.”

Reaffirms our commitment to the craft
Peter Nutkins
“Our domain is used as our client galleries for portraits alongside our wall art. Clients feel is a really natural fit to our brand. The fact that the URL is the name of the brand reassures clients that the website is secure when making payments. Our name is so easy to find with the URL.”

Cast a giant shadow – even when just starting up
Hugo Onink
"I started my photography business as a student and wanted to make sure my website and domain name appeared professional. Using was part of that strategy. I quickly learned that using a .photography was new to most people, so it became a conversation starter which made my domain name easy to remember. And it matches my Instagram handle so that helps my online brand.”

Believe in what you are building
It’s your turn now. Your work deserves a .photography domain.

Step up to the level of thousands of other professionals with an SEO-optimized domain name extension and be found fast. If photography is your profession, passion or both, adopting the .photography domain name identifies you in a flash. Learn more at today.


∞ Shutterbug Staff