Portrait Pro Peter Hurley Explains Why the Jawline Is the Key to More Flattering People Pictures (VIDEO)

Ask 100 portrait photographers to name the most important facial feature of their subjects, and 95 will likely say the eyes. But according to New York portrait pro Peter Hurley, if you want to make your subjects look their best, “It’s all about the jaw.”

In the video below Hurley elaborates on why accentuating a person’s jawline is an essential aspect of making a photogenic portrait. In fact, he says the first thing he discusses with new clients is avoiding the appearance of a double chin by posing in a relaxed manner that’s flattering to the jaw.

As you’ll see in the video it takes time to pose a subject who isn’t a professional model, but the results are well worth the effort. You can find more tips on making people look their best by visiting Hurley’s YouTube channel, and learn a unique trick from Hurley on slimmer looking portraits here. And be sure to check out our earlier portrait tutorial with seven great tips by another top pro.