Portable Strobe Systems; Location Lighting In One Neat Package Page 2

Norman A400B Basic Portable Flash Kit

Includes one P400B power pack/LH52K head/dual-voltage charger/shoulder strap. Features: 400 ws; four-stop range; 3-second recycle; 1⁄900-sec flash duration; auto dumping; ready light; 5500K; air-cooled; UV-coated tube; modeling lamp support optional; 7 lbs.

Photogenic StudioMax III AKC740BK Portable Location Kit

Includes two monolights/battery packs/Eclipse umbrellas/stands, wheeled case. Features: 320 ws; six-stop range; 100w quartz; 3-second recycle; 1⁄250-sec flash duration; photo slave; high-impact polycarbonate body; overheat protection; auto dumping; ready light; constant 5500K; UV-coated flash tube; 34 lbs.

Quantum Instruments

No kits per se, but the QNexus can be used with Nikon or Canon on-camera flash for a two-light setup, in conjunction with the Quantum Turbo-driven Qflash T5d-R. Basic items needed: Qflash T5d-R, Turbo SC, and QNexus (each sold separately). Qflash T5d-R features: 150 ws; under 3-second recycling; 1⁄250-sec flash duration; overheat protection; auto dumping; visual/audible ready signals; 5400K; digital control; fully wireless TTL dedicated. Weight/price varies with configuration.

SP Studio Systems Kit Model SPLL3200K
($850; DC requires optional $180 battery pack—www.bkaphoto.com)

Includes two SP3200AC/DC monolights/stands/umbrellas, case. Features: 320 ws (full/half/quarter power); 100w tungsten; 5.5-second recycle; photo slave; ready light; 5200K; air-cooled; UV-coated flash tube; 24 lbs (optional battery with charger: 4 lbs).

Visatec SOLO 800 B Car Kit
($1522; DC requires optional Visatec Power Box 900—www.visatecusa.com)

Includes two SOLO 800 B monolights/stands, silver umbrella, white umbrella, case. Features: 300 ws; 1.4-second recycle; 1⁄800-sec flash duration; IR slave; aluminum-alloy housing; fan-cooled; auto dumping; ready light; 5500K; UV-coated flash tubes; optional battery pack drives up to three heads/modeling lights; 22 lbs.

AC Only
AlienBees ABR800 Ringflash


Includes ring flash head, consisting of 10” ring reflector, a set of eight 10w modeling lamps, a set of 10mm flash tubes, diffuser/gel holder, universal camera mounting bracket, umbrella adapter, and accessory locking system. Features: 320 ws, five-stop range; 1-second recycle; 1⁄2000-sec flash duration; photocell; high-impact polycarbonate housing; auto dumping; ready light; 5500K; fan-cooled; 2.5 lbs.

Flashpoint FP320PWK

Includes two monolights/air-cushioned stands/white umbrellas, case. Features: 150 ws; 100w modeling lamp; 1.2-second recycle; 1⁄800-sec flash duration; photo sync; auto dumping; visual/audible ready signals; 5600K; air-cooled; UV-coated flash tube; 26.2 lbs.

Novatron Studio Series 2x300 Watt Light Kit

Includes two M300 heads/stands/umbrellas, Wein Sync-Link, Polaris SPD100 light meter, case. Features: 300 ws; five-stop range; 250w modeling lamp; 2-second recycle; 1⁄330-sec flash duration; photo-optical slave; aluminum housing; fan-cooled; ready light; 5500K; UV-coated flash tube; 27 lbs.

OPUS OPL-H50088 Kit

Includes two OPL-H250 monolights/stands, softbox, umbrella, barn doors, grid, snoot, wireless remote, case. Features: 250 ws; four-stop range; metal housing; 60w modeling lamp; 4-second recycle; 1⁄500-sec flash duration; photocell; audible ready signal; 5500K; air-cooled; 35 lbs.

Photo Basics Strobelite PLUS Two Light Kit

Includes two monolights/stands/softboxes, instructional DVD, wheeled case. Features: 200 ws, 150w tungsten-halogen; 2-second recycle; 1-3 msecond flash duration; photocell; high-impact polycarbonate housing; air-cooled; auto dumping; visual/audible ready signals; 5500K; 37 lbs.

Photoflex StarFlash 150 Gemini LiteDome Kit with Case

Includes two StarFlash 150 monolights/LiteDome softboxes/stands, wheeled case. Features: 150 ws; five-stop range; 250w modeling lamp; 2-second recycle; 1⁄1000-sec flash duration; photo sensor; aluminum housing; visual/audible ready signals; 5600K; fan-cooled; UV-coated flash tube; 25 lbs.

Profoto D1 Studio Kit

Includes two D1 heads/stands/umbrellas, case. Features: 250 ws; seven-stop range; 300w halogen; 0.65-second recycle; 1⁄3700-sec flash duration; photo/IR triggering (radio optional); digital control; constant 5600K; fan-cooled; dual voltage; under 5 lbs per head.

RPS Studio RS-SB300 Kit

Includes two monolights/stands, umbrella, softbox, case. Features: 300 ws; five-stop range; 75w halogen; 3-second recycle; 1⁄1000-sec flash duration; IR and photocell triggering; rubber-coated housing; overheat protection; visual/audible ready signals; 5500K; digital control; air-cooled; under 20 lbs.

Smith-Victor FlashLite FL110K Portable 2 Light Kit

Includes two monolights/stands/umbrellas, case. Features: 110 ws (full/half); 60w quartz; 4-second recycle; 1⁄600-sec flash duration; photo slave; high-impact polycarbonate housing; ready light; 5600K; air-cooled; 19 lbs.

Speedotron 805 CC Location System

Includes one Black Line 805 power pack, two 103 Color Corrected heads/stands/Photek umbrellas, case. Features: 800 ws; variable dial-down power; 171 output level variations; 150w quartz; 1.3-second recycle; 1⁄1800-sec flash duration; photo slave; four quick-release light unit outlets; metal housing; pack weighs 7.7 lbs, head 5.5 lbs each.