PMA 08; Filters

While some sounded the death knell of filters when digital imaging arrived, with all the in camera and plug-in manipulations available, there were a number of new and often high-end filters on display. Here's what's new and improved in this frequently essential accessory:

Argraph announced a new Marumi DHG (Digital High Grade) Achromat Macro 200 (+5) close-up lens that is said to be superior to other strong CU lenses. They also introduced other models of the Marumi DHG filters, the first line designed specifically for use with digital cameras and lenses. They have black edge rings for minimal reflection and will be offered in conventional sizes ranging from 49-82mm in UV, circular polarizer, star-cross, soft fantasy, macro +3, and light control versions.

Rodenstock HR UV

Direct Source Marketing announced their new Rodenstock line of new, thinner multi-coated glass filters that are easier to clean, have a sealed edge with a brass ring that's black for no reflections. The thinner glass makes them excellent for use with ultra-wide angle lenses, which with thicker filters might cause vignetting. They will be offered in UV and circular polarizer versions initially in 49-82mm sizes.

Rodenstock PL1 circular polarizer

Schneider Optics now offers the new Century brand of essential glass filters for digital video production that are derived from their more expensive line for motion picture users. These 4x4" filters fit into standard matte box filter holders. They consist of a linear polarizing, neutral density 0.6, neutral density 0.6 soft edge graduated, black frost 1/2 diffusion, and skin tone-enhancing filters. They can be purchased individually at $129 each or in a five-filter kit in a lightweight multi-compartment pouch for $499.

Schneider Century kit

THK showed new Hoya HD filters that feature hardened glass with four times the breaking strength plus a high transparency polarizing film for 25 percent higher light transmission. These filters with waterproof, scratch- and stain-resistant multi-coating will be offered in UV and circular polarizer versions in sizes from 52-82mm.

Tiffen Digital HT filters

Tiffen introduced a new series of Digital HT filters said to be a technical breakthrough in multi-coated filters for photo and video applications. They have titanium coating on optical glass, which surpasses military specifications. A low profile ring is combined with a black lock ring on these made in the U.S.A. filters. Many variations are available, including haze, circular polarizer, several strengths of neutral density, soft/FX, star, and color-grad in sizes from 52-82mm. Each filter comes with a soft storage pouch.

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