Please comment briefly on this issue.

Please comment briefly on this issue.
Yes, I see the difference and want to use my 35mm lenses without the multiplication factor on my digital SLR.
70% (235 votes)
No, I think the full frame and APS-C sensor makes no difference.
18% (61 votes)
I'm not sure of the benefits of having a full frame sensor versus an APS-C size sensor in my digital SLR.
12% (41 votes)
Total votes: 337

Forrest Dinwiddie's picture

I have already purchased lenses for the APS size sensor. Full frame would benefit those who are using their 35mm lenses.

J.  Talvan's picture

I actually think to the contrary of this vote. I wont ever buy a full frame DSLR. I love the crop factor of the APS-C sensors. I easily over came the wide angle with the 12-24mm f/4. Try and match my focal length in a full frame camera with no light loss. Sureyou can crop you images, but every single one? I would rather have a camera that does it for me, more time shooting less time at the computer.

Bruce Bigman's picture

The good part of APS size is that the older 35mm lenses will appear that much sharper, using the sweetest area for lens resolution! But then wide angle is a bit disadvantaged...

Shane A.  Smith's picture

If the price difference between a full frame and APS-C is too great, I will choose APS-C...but, I would seriously consider a full frame sensor as I do Macro Photography from time to time. My preferred brand, however, is Nikon...I would not likely purchase a Canon full frame sensor...personal preference - I like the sharpness associated with Nikon's lenses.

G.  B.'s picture

I have a substantial collection of both canon and sigma lenses acquired at considerable cost. I do not intend to start from scratch! I will continue to use my Canon 7NE until the price of full size sensor models drops to a more realistic (read: value for money price.) Until then my Canon A-95 will suffice as my introduction to Digital Photography.

Tom Van Duzer's picture

One of the differences (neithier advantage or disadvantage) between the formats is the difference in depth of field in relationship to the angle of coverage. I like the ability to get a narrow depth of field when I want it. Now to make that affordable....

Mark Szerszen's picture

Depth of field factor is important. Smaller APS sensors don't have it. Shooting Canon's 85mm 1.8 for portraiture of animals and wild people, background blur better be equivalent (for $3299) or comparable to my $369 Elan 7NE!

Rocco Galatioto's picture

I am a long time Nikon user who also has a Canon 20D and several canon lense. I have also had a D1 and 10D's. If Nikon does not make a full frame soon it's bye bye.