Pixentu is a Photography Jacket That Lets You Shoot on the Go with Weatherproof Pockets for All Your Gear

The unique Pixentu photography jacket is designed for street shooters and other outdoor photographers who prefer to travel light without a cumbersome pack hanging from their shoulders. This unique photo jacket features a myriad of pockets for a camera, lenses, and accessories like batteries and memory cards, with other protected compartments for personal items.

The versatile weatherproof jacket will be available in black or blue, and one cool feature is its extended hood that helps keep a camera and short lens dry in the rain. The lens pockets feature a soft lining that can be used for safely cleaning lenses and eyeglasses. The jacket has a stylish cut, so you can wear it around town without looking like a photojournalist wannabe.

As you can see on Pixentu’s Kickstarter page, the project has more than doubled its goal with over a month to go. Delivery is expected in February 2018, and you can reserve a jacket now with a pledge of $131. For more details, watch the demo video below.

And for another unique item for outdoor photographers, check out our earlier story about Nubrella—a wearable umbrella that keeps your hands free and you and your gear dry while shooting in the rain.

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It has no storage whatsoever, but my shooting season here has been given extra time at both ends by the heated jacket I got on Kickstarter from Ravean (now at ravean.com, and their latest jacket is in production after an Indiegogo campaign). The heated puffy down jacket is pretty remarkable. On low, the (admittedly heavy) battery lasts most of the day, and if I set it on high for my commute (which has some long walks), I can typically get two or three days of commuting. FWIW, and no financial interest, just sharing info that might help other photographers/outside types.

Thanks for the link to this. I've had one of those ScottEvests for a few years and it's fine, but the Pixentu is well worth checking out.