“Nubrella” Is a Wearable Umbrella That Keeps You and Your Gear Dry When Shooting in the Rain

The innovative Nubrella is a lightweight, collapsible umbrella worn with a chest harness for hands-free shooting in bad weather while keeping you and your camera gear dry.

The one-of-a-kind Nubrella features comfortable, backpack-style shoulder straps, a clear front panel, and an extended canopy for convenient visibility and shooting. Both the shoulder straps and waist belt are adjustable for a custom fit.

Designed to withstand winds up to 40 mph, the Nubrella also blocks the wind and keeps you warmer in cold conditions. When the weather improves, you simply collapse the canopy and it lays flat on your back. The entire assembly weighs only three pounds. The unit is available with an optional custom backpack that snaps on and off the rear of the Nubrella.

You can read more about the Nubrella and place an order on the company’s website where the pack is on sale for $39.99 and the Nubrella itself is on sale for $59.99. There’s also a combo deal where you can purchase both for $79.99. Watch the demo video below to see the unique device in action.

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