Photoshop Tutorial: Try This “Classic” Color Matching Technique from an Expert at Adobe (VIDEO)

Russell Brown is a Senior Creative Director at Adobe, specializing in helpful Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials. In the interesting video below he demonstrates a method of adjusting colors he discovered “in the beginning of time” that is as helpful as ever today.

Rather than matching colors with Photoshop’s hue or saturation sliders, this approach uses black-and-white tones to make color adjustments. Sounds a bit crazy, but as you’ll see it works. The task at hand for this demonstration is a rather simple one: Russell simply wants to match the color of orange swim fins to a red chair.

As Brown suggests, “Put this technique in the back of your brain and store it away, because some day you will need to use it to get an exact match between two colors.” You can find more of his videos on Vimeo, and be sure to watch an earlier Photoshop tutorial we posted demonstrating how to white balance your photographs