A .photography Domain Extension Tells the World Who You Are, What You Do and that You’re ‘All In’

Instant recognition. That’s just one of the many benefits of having your photo website name end with a .photography domain extension. Even an otherwise forgettable domain name like JimSmith.com stands out and immediately delivers the clear message that Jim Smith is a photographer when it’s changed to JimSmith.photography.

Make an indelible impression. Whether you’re starting out or have been around for years but want to amp up the traffic to your site, switching your domain extension to .photography lets the world know you are committed. And even more important, .photography is SEO optimized to help you and your business get discovered online. A 301 redirect will allow you to retain all of your SEO equity while upgrading your domain to .photography. Bottom line, your work deserves a .photography domain.

Search Engine Optimization Is Vital
People spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars to optimize their websites, often using outside agencies—which in itself can be time consuming and sometimes even an expensive gamble. Everyone understands the keen importance of being noticed online, and SEO is one of the tactics that has the ability to capture the attention of potential clients and ultimately deliver traffic.

Leverage both the left and right side of the dot—in other words, use the power of your name and the immediate recognition added by the .photography domain extension.

SEO is a big part of the strategy behind .photography domain name extensions.

Brag About Your Brand
The best move you can make is having your domain name match your brand and business name exactly instead of compromising by using subpar names that do not deliver. And you don’t have to rebrand or risk losing the equity you’ve already build up in your website name. If Jim Smith Studios is a name that has already become popular around town, for instance, it can be supercharged by using the right domain name. Using the .photography domain extension increases your visibility while announcing to the world that you’re committed to your craft.

Believe In What You’re Building
With a .photography domain extension you’ll appear among thousands of other professionals who have switched to .photography. This potent top-level domain extension is already being used by some of the world’s best photographers. For example Alvis Lazarus (India), Sara Dear (USA), Masters of Photography (UK) and Sean Tucker (UK) all use the .photography extension. Masters of Photography include Albert Watson, Joel Meyerowitz, Steve McCurry and David Yarrow.

Steven John Irby (aka @stevesweatpants) is a native New Yorker (Brooklyn/Queens) who has been featured in a long list of prestigious publications most of us can only dream about. Steve is building a new website on stevesweatpants.photography and will be documenting it to share with the world.

It’s Time for Action
Step up to the level of thousands of other professionals with an SEO-optimized domain name extension and be found fast. If photography is your profession, passion or both, adopting the .photography domain name identifies you in a flash. Learn more at buildyour.photography today.


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I recently picked up a domain with that extension - https://gregurbano.photography/
I guess I was on the right path!