Photographer Wins Halloween with a Functioning DIY Nikon DSLR Camera Costume (VIDEO)

Florida-based photographer Bryan Troll decided to get serious about Halloween this year and forego the typical zombie or political candidate costume. Instead, he celebrated the festivities by becoming a fully functional Nikon DSLR.

Troll says, “I spent at least 40 hours making it over several nights, about $100 in cardboard, tape, rubber cement, plexiglass and spray paint, and stuffed it with a few thousand dollars in camera equipment.”

The result was a working camera complete with LCD screen, flash and some nice graphics.

As any good photographer would do, Troll spent the evening taking photos inside his giant camera (see one image from the night above). You can read more about his project and view more images on his Facebook page.

Of course Troll isn’t the first photographer to do something like this. A few years ago our Editor Dan Havlik wrote a piece for Imaging Resource about photographers with Halloween camera costumes. The brief video below includes one such guy who made a functioning Nikon D3 costume—complete with flash and a laptop in back for the LCD screen.

Via Bored Panda