Photo GADGETS This Pro Never Leaves Home Without (VIDEO)

Photographers tend to be gadget freaks, constantly on the lookout for interesting gadgets and accessories to buy. But admit it: How many of the purchases you’ve made recently have actually found their way into your bag?

There’s no doubt that many accessories are worthwhile. Some make photography easier and more enjoyable, while others actually enable you to capture better images. Still other others, while they may seem interesting at first glance, are eventually relegated to an ignominious spot in the back of your camera cabinet.

Today’s video from the Photo Genius YouTube channel is intended to separate the wheat from the chaff, and save you some cash to use on more worthwhile gear in the future. And if you’re lucky, you may even find something to purchase that you really need.

Instructor Paul Farris in an Australia-based pro who says, “in this week’s video I want to share some of the items from my camera bag that I feel are essential for every photographer.” He further explains that some of these accessories have made him a better photographer while others make him a more efficient photographer.

We all understand the importance of a solid tripod for avoiding camera shake when shooting in low-light conditions or using a long telephoto lens. But there’s less obvious stuff Farris won’t leave home without. And he provides links to where you can find the items discussed in the description beneath the video.

Before clicking the ”play” button” make a mental inventory of the accessories you consider crucial to your work, and then compare your list to the items recommended by Farris—just to see where you stand.

Farris discusses everything from the filters he uses for landscape photography to camera-cleaning kits, lens hoods and much more. He even includes a couple very affordable lenses that he uses with great success.

So take close look, carefully consider your needs, and then feel free to go shopping with restraint. When you’re done filling up your bag, be sure to visit the Photo Genius YouTube channel where there’s much more to learn.

And speaking of accessories, take a look at the tutorial we posted earlier, explaining why another pro insists that, “UV filters hurt more than they help.”