Photo Gadgets & Gizmos: Six Great Imaging Devices For Summer Photography Fun

HEXO+: The HEXO+ is another new imaging drone that is capable of auto-following and auto-filming your subject. The HEXO+ is similar to the Lily Flying Camera drone, which we featured last month and took the UAV world by storm. With the HEXO+, simply attach your GoPro camera to the drone, set the framing in the app and go. Easy to use, the HEXO+ allows you to create Hollywood-style aerial shots and videos. It can fly at a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour, and can be controlled with a few simple gestures on your smartphone. Pre-orders are now being taken on the Hexo+ website and delivery will begin in September.

The Kit Includes:

• HEXO+ drone

• 3D gimbal with GoPro Mount

• HEXO+ App "The Director's Toolkit”

More info on the HEXO+ here. Watch a demo video of the HEXO+ drone below:

The Rock Solid Accessory Extension Bar (8-inch, 200mm): The Rock Solid Extension Bar is an accessory rail that lets users easily mount multiple photography/video accessories (such as microphones, recorders, transmitters, lights, flashes and more) to your camera. The rail connects the camera’s hot shoe with the (included) double locking hot shoe adapter, or you can position the extension bar on any ¼ inch -20 compatible articulating arm, EasyGrip or light stand.

The Rock Solid Extension Bar features a cold shoe channel for multiple accessories and three ¼ inch -20 female threads. Simply attach any device with a male ¼ inch -20 thread—such as the JerkStopper Thread Mount to secure cables and protect ports. The included removable hot shoe adapter has double locking nuts so the bar can be rotated to any position and secured. It has an all Aluminum construction with a black finish to reduce reflection and the suggested retail price is $24.95.

More info on the Rock Solid Accessory Extension Bar here.

IK Multimedia’s iKlip Grip: The iKlip is a multifunctional smartphone video stand with a Bluetooth shutter control. An ideal tool for photographers, musicians, journalists, audiophiles and social media enthusiasts because it allows you to capture the moment at any angle with a mobile device. The iKlip Grip is four accessories in one, it can be used as a desktop tripod, a grip handle, a monopod or a tripod adapter. It can securely hold any smartphone with a screen size from 3.5 to 6 inches. It features a standard mounting system for connecting small mobile video cameras (GoPro), compact digital cameras and stand-mount audio field recorders.

The iKlip Grip has a secure/expandable holding bracket system that lets users position a smartphone at any angle to capture photos, videos and audio and features an expandable spring-loaded soft-touch rubber bracket that provides secure holding power. The iKlip Grip holding bracket features a standard ¼-inch threaded tripod screw mount so that it can be used with any standard tripod as a mobile device adapter. With its ergonomic handgrip, iKlip Grip fits comfortably into almost any hand to provide a secure and steady way to shoot video. The base handle is split into three sections that can open out to form a tripod stand.

 It features a pivoting ball-joint attachment system that provides a full 90° range of angle adjustment plus 360° of rotation and comes with a 17.5-inch detachable telescopic extension arm. This gives users an easy way to position their device from 10 to 22 inches away. iKlip Grip comes with a Bluetooth control that lets users remotely activate the shutter in video and photo apps. The remote is compatible with iOS and Android, and it can be operated up to 10 meters away from the device. The iKlip Grip has a suggested retail price of $59.99.

More info on the iKlip Grip here

Camera Creatures: An ideal tool for those who photograph children of all ages. Camera Creatures are adorable brightly colored, plush animals (with a built-in attention getting squeaker) that fit around your camera’s lens. These cute creatures easily transform your camera into a fun and friendly thing for young clients to focus on. Featuring an adjustable center, Camera Creatures will fit nearly any size lens. Choices include the Friendly Frog, Outrageous Owl, Captivating Crab or Look At Me Ladybug for a suggested price of $19.99 each (or a bundle pack of all four stuffed creatures for $70).

More info on Camera Creatures here.

Bokeh Masters Kits: Available in three sets, these kits allow photographers to easily create fun Bokeh effects. Each set features a set of pre cut disks and a holder—the Masters Kit Specail also includes some blank disks that can be shaped any way you desire and a disk wallet for storage.

The Bokeh Masters Kit Includes:

• One custom designed, laser-cut Bokeh disk holder that allows you to easily attach the disks to your lens.

• The Bokeh laser cut disks include: stars, hearts, happy, sad smiley, an arrow, a plane, headphones, animals, several signs/icons, and more.

• The eight uncut disks allow you to create your own Bokeh shapes.

• A custom designed colorful disk wallet.

The suggested retail price ranges from $25 to $35.

The Advanced Kit Includes:

• A custom designed, laser-cut Bokeh disk holder.

• The five Bokeh classic disks include: stars, hearts, happy and sad smiley, an arrow, a plane, headphones, animals, several signs/icons, and more.

The suggested retail price is $25.

The Demo Kit Includes:

• A custom designed, laser-cut Bokeh disk holder and 5 classic disks: stars, hearts, happy and sad smiley and Royal Lily. (This item has limited availability.)

The suggested retail price is $15.

More info on the Bokeh Masters Kits here.

WeMontage: This is a uniqe and fun way to display your favorite images. Simply transform them into removable wallpaper that you can use anywhere. WeMontage gives new meaning to picture collage montage. Gather the best shots from family vacations, weddings and more then upload them to WeMontage from your SmartPhone or computer to create your wallpaper montage. When it arrives in the mail, just peel and adhere it to the wall anywhere you like—no more expensive picture frames and nail holes in the walls. WeMontage works on flat or textured surfaces and it will not remove paint or damage your walls.

More info on WeMontage here.

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