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Creative Edge Digital Conference In Santa Fe
From May 7-9, 2004, digital photographers, artists, software mentors, and digital printmakers will gather in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a digital conference. Those interested in the state of digital art are invited to attend the various seminars, lectures, and hands-on sessions and stay at the Retreat Center in Santa Fe for an intensive peer experience. Topics covered will include consideration of a digital "aesthetic," creating long-term digital projects, digital printing, digital capture and workflow, explorations of camera raw format, creating digital books, color management, and more.

The keynote speaker of the event is Maggie Taylor, who will share her process of replacing a camera with a flat-bed scanner and computer. Other presenters include Dan Burkholder, who creates platinum prints that marry the digital and photographic craft; Stephen Johnson, whose trailblazing work in digital landscape photography has been exhibited worldwide; Douglas Holleley, author of Digital Book Design and Publishing; Henry Wilhelm, who is recognized the world over for his archival research; and George Schaub, editor of Shutterbug and author of The Digital Photolab in Black and White.

For more information, visit the conference website at: and go to the Creative Edge link or call (505) 984-8353.