New Mylio Photo Management System Launches; Designed to Help You Organize and Edit Images Across Devices

A comprehensive new photo management system called Mylio that’s designed to help photographers organize and edit their images across several devices – i.e. desktop computer, tablet, smartphone etc.– launched this morning. Mylio, which is being spearheaded by former Microsoft Chief Technical Officer David Vaskevitch, has received lots of pre-release buzz based on intriguing demos of early versions of the software – Shutterbug has seen it in action and came away impressed – prior to this morning’s launch.

Mylio, which stands for My Life Is Organized, aims to do four main things:

• Gather together photos from where they’re hidden: desktop computer folders, social networking sites like Facebook, photo sharing sites like Flickr, and hard drives.

• Automatically replicate photos onto your phone, laptop, tablet, and smart phone so you can view or edit them wherever you are, even when there’s no Internet access

• Protect and back up your images so they’re safe: either on the cloud or independently.

• Do all this quickly and simply so you can get to your photos, including Raw files, and edit them in a fast and easy interface.

Mylio is a subscription-based service and currently comes in three plans, including a free trial version:

• Mylio Trial Plan (Free): JPEG and RAW support, full editing, maximum of three devices, up to 1,000 images

• Mylio Standard ($100/year): JPEG and RAW support, full editing, maximum of five devices, up to 100,000 images

• Mylio Advanced ($250/year): JPEG and RAW support, full editing, maximum of 12 devices, multi-location access, workflow integration, up to 500,000 images

“We recognized a growing need for photographers and consumers to protect, access and share all their photos everywhere they go and on every device they own,” Vaskevitch, who is CEO of Mylio and one of its creators, said in a press announcement. “We formed a unique team of world-class software developers, designers and photographers to build a solution that satisfies this need and allows people to enjoy their photos again.”

Shutterbug is currently testing Mylio so look for an upcoming review on this sweeping photo organizer/editor, which promises a lot. To give you an idea on the basics of Mylio, check out the video below. There’s also more info at the Mylio website.