Nervous About Photographing Models for the First Time? This Video Will Help Get You Started

Photographing models can be intimidating for those new to the game, especially if you’re unsure about posing, directing and other variables required to do the job right. The video below will put your mind at ease, and help you do the same for your model, with a demonstration of what you need to know to get started.

Leo Rosas is an Australian pro specializing in editorial and commercial photography, and he regularly employs models for his lifestyle, sports and portraiture assignments. In this two-minute tutorial he provides six tips for breaking the ice with a model, offering reinforcement, and identifying the best poses and angles for the scene.

Rosas also includes some quick lighting and composition tips to help you along the way. As you’ll see, working with a model is all about trust, and once you establish that, a good model will reciprocate, help you achieve the results you’re after, and even teach you a few things for use in the future.

You can find more tips from Rosas on his YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our earlier story with five do’s and don’ts for working with models.

Via ISO 1200