Nature Photographers: These 3 Habits Hold You Back (VIDEO)

Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced shooter it’s likely that a few “bad habits” are stifling your growth and preventing you from realizing your true potential. Today we’ll discuss how avoiding three common impediments will greatly expand your skills when shooting in the field.

Instructor Kevin Nordstrom is a professional photographer and educator with an interesting YouTube channel dedicated to helping others improve their nature and wildlife imagery. He does this by bringing you along on his picturesque adventures, while discussing the day’s topic as the excursion progresses.

Today’s episode is somewhat different from his others, in that it’s not primarily about gear, camera settings and the like, but rather a discussion of three habits that may be holding you back. While this episode is devoted to nature and wildlife photography, Nordstom’s principles apply equally to just about any type of images you shoot outdoor.

At the top of the list is a familiar habit among outdoor photographers, especially those who like to remain dry and comfortable; namely, the urge to say at home when mother nature doesn’t cooperate. As the intrepid among us know all to well, stalwart photographers make many of their best images in really lousy weather.

As Nordstrom’s hike continues along the marshes of Lake Erie, he discusses another habit that can easily slow your growth. This one is for those of you afflicted with a dreaded malady known as “GAS” (the official medical term is “gear acquisition syndrome).” While it’s nice to have a new camera every year with the latest technical innovations, Nordstrom says you should consider keeping the camera with which you’re already familiar, and ivest in better glass or a focal length you lack.

Or even better and much less expensive, according to Nordstrom, is to not spend any money on new stuff, and instead spend more time honing your craft by experimenting with different styles, practicing what you know, and refining newly learned techniques.So what’s habit #3? Watch the video and find out.

Nordstom’s YouTube channel does include videos relating to technical matters too, so head over there and take a look.

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