Make Your Own Photoshop Workspace for Fast & Easy Editing (VIDEO)

Photographers tend to think they’re the only ones who use Photoshop, but the truth is this powerful software is important to art directors, graphic designers, and many other content creators. So depending upon your needs, Adobe’s workspace options may or may not suit your needs.

As image-editing expert Anthony Morganti explains in the important video below, creating a custom workspace is something everyone should consider, because this simple task will enable you to process images with greater speed and efficiency.

As Morganti notes, Photoshop comes with several built-in workspaces, and when you first launch the software you’ll be in what is called the “Essentials Workspace.” By navigating to the Workspace Panel you’ll see there are a few others from which to choose.

Instead of selecting one of the pre-cooked options, however, creating your own workspace provides maximum flexibility and speed for your style of editing. You can hide tools you never use, and make your favorite options more accessible, and Morganti walks you through the step-by-step process for customizing Photoshop to your exact requirements.

When setting up Photoshop to function as you desire, you’ll note that some tools will disappear, others will be readily apparent, and even keyboard shortcuts may change. Instead of the default Essentials Workspace, Morganti selects the built-in Photography Workspace as a starting point, and demonstrates how to modify it to your liking.

By the end of the video you’ll wish you had done this long ago. But late is better than never, so get the job done and work more effectively in the future. Then head over to Morganti’s You Tube channel for more tips and tricks.

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