Make the Most of Lightroom Classic CC with These Tips for Using the New Desktop Version (VIDEO)

Earlier this week we reported on Adobe’s introduction of Lightroom CC, a new cloud-based subscription version of the popular software for processing and organizing images on both computers and mobile devices. There are also updates to the previous non-cloud app, now called Lightroom Classic CC, and the video below illustrates the most significant changes.

In just two minutes, our friends at Mango Street point out “all the juicy bits” and advantages of Lightroom Classic CC. While the new software does include a number of new features, much of what Lightroom Classic CC has to offer involves impressive performance enhancements.

As you’ll see in this quick video, options for importing images have been vastly improved, and are now almost twice as fast as in the earlier version, according to tests run by Mango Street. Other areas receiving a speed boost include the task of switching between photos in Library mode, and with the Development Module overall.

Notable new features include the addition of a Color Range Mask and a Luminance Range Mask, both of which are designed to facilitate fast and easy masking without switching back and forth between Lightroom and Photoshop.

To see more of what Lightroom Classic CC has to offer, check out the video. And be sure to read our preliminary look at Adobe’s new software from earlier this week. You can find more tips and techniques on the Mango Street YouTube channel.