Low Light Photography Tutorial with Peter McKinnon: How to Take Better Shots in Bad Conditions

Photographer Peter McKinnon pays a visit to the Neon Demon Studio in Toronto, Canada to offer his tips on how to shoot better photos in low light in the video tutorial below.

“When you are taking pictures in low light settings, the biggest thing everyone is always running into is either the photos are too noisy, or they’re blurry because everything moving too fast and your shutter speed’s not fast enough to keep up with the movement. Those are usually the biggest culprits of having difficulty shooting something in low light,” McKinnon says at the beginning of the video.

He then goes on to explain how to make the right necessary adjustments to your shutter speed and your ISO to get a photo that’s both sharp and not too grainy or noisy. He also shares some tips on how to use tools and sliders in Lightroom, including Luminance, to compensate for image aberrations when shooting in low light.

As with Pierre Lambert’s video from last week where he offered more tips on getting sharp photos, most of what McKinnon suggests is basic photography knowledge, but even if you already are familiar with some of his tips, a quick refresher class is always helpful.

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