Look at the Gorgeous Wildlife Images in This Trailer for the BBC’s New Planet Earth II Series (VIDEO)

The BBC has just released an extended trailer for the sequel to their wildly popular Planet Earth Series. Directed by Sir David Attenborough, Planet Earth II picks up where the original 2006 series left off, and is scheduled for release in the U.S. on January 28, 2017 and will be broadcast every Saturday on BBC America.


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Planet Earth II takes advantage of new technologies unavailable for the first series, including ultra high definition 4K video, more sophisticated image stabilization, remote recording, and aerial drone photography.

The new BBC series was filmed in 40 countries over two years, with 117 different location shoots. It began airing in the UK two weeks ago with over 10 million viewers. The original Planet Earth series was viewed by over half a billion people across the globe and won numerous awards.


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Planet Earth II captures everything from rare footage of snow leopards and catfish devouring pigeons, to rats eating through the underwear of crewmembers in Botswana. There’s also some cool footage captured by a miniature action cam strapped to the back of a golden eagle.


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So watch the trailer below, and visit the Planet Earth II Instagram page to see more still images.