Long Exposure Photography & Photo Filters: An Introductory Tutorial from Serge Ramelli

If you’re new to long exposure photography and want to learn more, the below tutorial from photographer Serge Ramelli is a great place to start. In the 12:30-minute video, the Paris-based Ramelli offers an extremely helpful introduction to long exposure photography and the use of photo filters (ND filters, in particular) for long expo newbies and those photographers who just need a refresher course.

“If you want to make water silky, this will show you how,” Ramelli says. "I first use an ND 1000 filter, which takes ten stop out (F-Stops). I put it down to half a second and even a whole second exposure time. Adding long exposure is a really nice way to add that extra aesthetic to a photo. Then I show you how to retouch them in Lightroom.”

Watch Ramelli’s tutorial below and make sure to download his free camera Raw files to follow along and try out his long exposure tips yourself.

If you want to learn more about photo filters, check out this great beginner’s guide to filters. And if you want to learn more about long exposure photography, watch another helpful video on the subject from pro photographer Brendan van Son.